About Us

Bower Kitchens & Tops Limited has been servicing Christchurch & surrounding areas for over 30 years. Originally running two separate companies, In 1990 Bower Joinery Ltd and Bower Tops Ltd combined to become one identity known as Bower Kitchens & Tops Limited.

Director Russell Lloyd has been in the Joinery Trade for over 45 years, serving his apprenticeship at Travis Joinery, he then bought into Whittington Joinery with a name change to Bower Joinery Ltd. Russell has spent the last 38 years running the Joinery division.

Director John Ryder has been in the Joinery Trade for over 40 years, serving his apprenticeship at W D Wood, he worked at various Joinery shops within Christchurch, before starting his own company Bower Tops Ltd. John has spent the last 21 years running the laminated bench top division.

All employees at Bower Kitchens & Tops Limited are qualified tradesmen who have all served apprenticeships, they are all long serving staff who the majority of them have been here on average 15 years, two staff members have been here for over 25 years respectively.

We are proud to have seen through many joinery apprenticeships, we are especially proud of our latest apprentice who won the New Zealand Skillex young apprentice of the year award in 2005, and went on to represent New Zealand against the rest of the world in Helinski coming in eighth place, what a wonderful achievement from a very bright young man who will go on to do well in the Joinery Trade.


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